Doppler holography

open-source hardware and software

Allow us to help you in crafting your Doppler holography device.

Our dedication lies in supporting you throughout the process of constructing your computational imaging instrument. We'll share our expertise in designing open source hardware and software to assist you.


Instrument design guidelines

The Digital Holography Foundation supports individuals, laboratories, and companies in computational optical imaging through its collaborative and open-source software platform. Our high bitrate software primarily caters to Doppler holography, while also extending support to holographic optical coherence tomography, microscopy, plethysmography, and vibrometry use cases. Doppler holography instrument design is thoroughly explained in these slides, and the complete list of parts is reported in this document


digital hologram rendering and analysis

We specialize in building and maintaining reliable, versatile, and powerful digital hologram software. Our offerings include holovibes, designed for real-time, low latency, and high throughput image rendering, and holowaves, optimized for streamlined hologram image rendering with MathWorks Matlab. We are dedicated to sharing our expertise in digital holography and providing training in parallel computing to support the development of robust open-source imaging software for demanding applications. For more, check out our GitHub repository.


Join the Digital Holography Foundation!

The Digital Holography Foundation is a place to learn, create, share, and provide state-of-the-art open-source computational imaging tools to help you achieve your imaging instruments based on coherent light detection. Our mission is to support the development of reliable and powerful digital holography software and devices through education. We train students for a practical mission: parallel image rendering on GPUs using various cameras streaming systems. Additionally, we teach device co-design and signal processing for robust image computation and analysis.

Our core offering: Digital holography support

Our primary value proposition is to offer comprehensive digital holography support. The Digital Holography Foundation facilitates this through collaborative efforts and open-source hardware and software solutions for high bitrate digital holography devices. Our aim is to aid individuals, laboratories, and companies in accelerating their transition to computational optical imaging with practical and effective means.